Our Guarantee

Peace Officer Internet Protection guarantees that your personal information is erased from the internet. To date, there are over one hundred and twenty different sites that share and publish your personal information on the internet. We stand by our guarantee. If you discover your home address and telephone number posted online after you purchase our services, we will remove your information from said site free of charge (up to four years after your purchase).

California Legislation grants law enforcement personnel and victims of crimes the right to have their personal information confidential. Due to current legislation Peace Officer Internet Protection guarantees that we are able to remove the listings of the above noted personnel.

Not withstanding any other provision of law, an official whose home address or telephone number is solicited, sold, or traded in violation of paragraph (1) may bring an action in any court of competent jurisdiction. If a jury or court finds that a violation has occurred, it shall award damages to that official in an amount up to a maximum of three times the actual damages but in no case less than four thousand dollars ($4,000).

A person, business, or association that receives the written demand of an elected or appointed official pursuant to this paragraph shall remove the official's home address or telephone number from public display on the Internet within 48 hours of delivery of the written demand, and shall continue to ensure that this information is not reposted on the same Internet Web site, subsidiary site, or any other Internet Web site maintained by the recipient of the written demand.