About Our Operation

Welcome to law enforcement's premier website that removes your personal information from being published on the internet. Pursuant to California Government 6254.21, we remove your name, telephone number and home address from over 170 people search websites and search engines.

L.E. Privacy LLC is privately owned and operated by members of the law enforcement community. Only members of the law enforcement community work for Peace Officer Internet Protection and have access to your personal information. We are endorsed and recognized by numerous law enforcement organizations. Please contact us for a list of professional references.

L.E.Privacy LLC was formed to protect the individual rights and privacy of law enforcement officers and their families. The primary goal of Peace Officer Internet Protection is to uphold California Government Code Section 6254.21, which deems it a crime to publish an elected official's home telephone number and address via the internet.

Mission Statement

1. To provide the law enforcement community a service, which removes their home address, telephone number, and personal information from the internet.

2. To monitor internet companies who publish personal information online, inform them of California Government Code Section 6254.21, and order them to delete the private information of our clients from their data base.

3. To educate the law enforcement community about privacy protection and current legislation.

The Opt Out Process

Our premier opt-out and monitoring service will remove you from the internet’s people-search websites and databases. We have been in business for 10 years, helping members of law enforcement and their families, maintain their privacy in the digital age. Today, anyone can find out where you and your family lives with just your first and last name.

Our proprietary software gives you the control to monitor and remove your information from the internet.

How it works:

1. Purchase one of our plans.

2. You will receive an email with log-in credentials.

3. Log in at leprivacy.pro/login.

4. Add new member information.

5. Click the red search button.

6. Review the search results and select which ones you want us to remove.

7. We review your submissions and remove your information from those websites.

8. Our system monitors the internet and notifies you once your information is being displayed on the internet.

9. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. No questions asked.

During the removal process, we use California Government Code 6254.21, which makes it a crime to post a peace officer or elected officials home address. We use various methods to contact each individual people-search website, based upon their privacy policies and terms and conditions. Removal times vary and can take from 1-9 days.

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